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Professional Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Hobart

Looking for a no nonsense high quality timber floor restoration service for your home or business? Well you’ve come the the right place. We understand that our customers not only want high quality floor sanding and polishing work but they also need it done in a timely manner, on budget, and with minimal disruption to day to day life. Our goal is to provide to exactly that to each and every one of our customers, no matter how big or small, their timber floor restoration project is.

We ensure we complete each job to the same standard or higher than as if we were doing it at our own home. No cut corners, no half arsed jobs.

So if you’re in need of reliable team of floor sanding experts to restore your old timber floors or outdoor timber deck and bring out their hidden beauty then call us today to schedule in your free onsite measure and quote!

Prefer a different type of flooring? No worries we’ve got you covered. We can also supply and install a range of different flooring options to suit your style and budget. 

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    Specialising in Timber Flooring Restoration and Refinishing, we also offer

    Floor Sanding & Polishing

    Timber Floor Installation

    Carpet Installation & Replacement

    Floating Floors Installation

    Laminate Floor Installation

    Vinyl Floor Installation

    Engineered Timber Flooring

    Hybrid Flooring Installation

    Timber Parquet Flooring

    Hobart's Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Specialists 

    Timber Floor Sanding

    Reclaim those stunning hardwood floors and parquetry flooring in your home in Hobart.

    Our team restores timber flooring as well as engineered timber flooring, in residential and commercial properties, for both interior and exterior flooring.

    Classic, stunning and timeless, hardwood floors will never go out of fashion. Your investment into maintaining and protecting your hardwood floors will give you years and years of shiny return on your investment.

    Timber flooring brings a natural warmth to a home’s ambiance, one that is hard to compare. Timber has the added bonus of retaining heat in cold temperatures, important when our winters are upon us.

    Our team offers a wide range of coatings for your floors, natural and renewable, ask our team for more details.

    timber floor sanding
    floor sanding Hobart

    Timber Floor Polishing

    Mirror finish timber floor polishing, for that glossy stunning finish. Once our team has sanded your timber floors, they will add coating to protect and bring gloss to the timber.

    We offer a wide selection of coatings, which our flooring specialists can run through with you, what would be most appropriate and effective for your type of timber.

    Polishing floorboards not only brings the shine and gloss, is also protects and seals the timber from being damaged, by moisture, scratches, you name it.

    Depending on the type of finish you are after, our team can match your flooring to the style of your home, making it compliment your property and make it stand out for all the right reasons.

    Tailored choice of stain varnish, to suit the rest of your home. Polishing floor boards is the fun part. To discuss polishing floorboards cost, please speak to our team and they will give you a detailed quote.

    timber floor polishing Hobart Tasmania
    timber floor restoration in heritage home in Hobart

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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    Need to refurbish hardwood flooring?

    Our team offer hardwood floor refinishing for floors and decks in Hobart.

    Bring your hardwood floors back to life.

    Especially common in older homes, hardwood flooring is a wonderful asset in a home. With a little TLC, these beauties can be restored to their former glory and will stay beautiful for many years to come when properly maintained. Wooden floorboard restoration will add significant value to your property.

    When it comes to hardwood sanding and refinishing, experience is important in determining the outcome and finish. Our team is very experienced in restoring timber floors such as Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Blue gum and much more. Trust the experts with your historic wood floor restoration for stunning outcomes.

    polished wooden floors and carpet installation by Hobart flooring company
    styled home after flooring restored by Hobart flooring company

    Hardwood Floorboard polishing

    Polished hardwood floors are just incredible in how the change the feel of a place.

    Maybe we’re biased but we reckon that timber floorboard polishing is one of the best investments in your renovation. Well worth the money for years and years.

    In regards to varnishing it is important that the surface is not stepped on for at least 24-48hrs after the final coat is applied and after that it should be ‘socks only’. This is to prevent any scratches or marks on the sensitive setting varnish. Please take this into consideration when booking our team to restore your floors.

    Once the area is dry, the polishing takes place with our industrial grade machines. Our services can be for the entire house of just a room or two if you’d like to keep carpet in the bedrooms. While you’re at it, if you require new carpets we also offer carpet installation for homes and offices across Hobart.

    Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

    Many hardwood floors have been sanded and polished in the past and all they require from us is a resurface.

    We can lightly sand and seal the floorboards without mess or hassle and get them spruced up for another decade!

    stunning polished timber flooring in high end property
    timber floor boards installed in Hobart

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    Timber Deck Sanding and Staining

    Timber decks need regular maintenance, our team offers deck sanding and polishing, to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor area as well as add vital protection through sealing covering the natural timber, protecting it from the elements.

    As with internal timber flooring restoration, preparation is key in determining the outcome of the restoration. Our experienced team will consult with you regarding the type of finish you want, so that the outcome is exactly what you are hoping for and better.

    Decks are exposed to the elements a lot more frequently than interior floors therefore require maintenance much more frequently. When timber is left without maintenance, the wood can deteriorate beyond repair in some instances which will bring with it a bigger price tag to replace. What we say to our clients is that it is an investment into the longevity of your deck or patio to maintain and restore your timber deck on a regular basis.

    We have an array of choices with stain and varnish to compliment the rest of your home and the natural tone of your timber.

    It is recommended that timber decks are sealed and stained once yearly, however we understand that that might not be feasible for all, it is recommended however that you don’t go over three years without resealing your deck. Contact us regarding our timber deck restoration services.

    new deck timber installation in Hobart outdoor entertainement area

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    More about our

    Professional floor sanding and polishing services in Hobart TAS

    Dust Free Timber Floor Sanding Hobart 

    Rediscover the incredible timber flooring in your home, office, or commercial space in Hobart. 

    Our timber floor sanding services will restore even the most weathered of floorboards.

    It is uncommon for us not to be able to restore hardwood floors, it may require sanding a significant amount off, but if you are concerned that the floor boards are too far gone, give us a ring to discuss it because you won’t know until you talk to our expert team!

    Our equipment enables us to sand your floorboards without making a mess with our dust free floor sanding!

    Our team can restore engineered timber flooring too, enquire about your specific flooring needs with our friendly flooring contractors.


    timber floor polishing hobart
    Hobart floor sanding and polishing

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    Hobart’s Timber Floor Restoration and Refinishing Specialist

    Our team are specialists in restoring timber flooring and decks.

    Over the years, our team of specialists have honed their skills to be able to repair and restore almost any hardwood floor, even if it looks too far gone.

    Hobart, Tasmania has some amazing old homes, heritage homes or just ones that have that character charm.

    With the trend of renovating and DIY home improvements across Australia and Tasmania, our city’s façade has changed in a good way.

    Old, tried homes are getting an injection of investment, hard work and transforming into stunning character homes with hardwood flooring being a central feature.

    If you are after flooring that looks like hardwood floors, without the price tag, consider engineered timber flooring or alternative installation of floating floors, especially if the subfloor is cement.

    Hobart floor sanding and polishing

    When purchasing a home that you intend to renovate, have a look under the carpet or vinyl flooring (if they permit…or just a sneak peak) to see if hardwood floors are underneath. Fantastic! You’ve struck gold if they’re there!

    Get a local team on board to do the floor sanding and polishing for you. You could of course hire the sanders yourself and give it a go, but it is a much bigger job than people imagine mostly because of how messy it is and the fear of lower quality workmanship even after spending hours on the job.

    Why not delegate the job to Hobart’s team of professional floor sanding and polishing specialists who know the ins and outs of a range of wood flooring types. Together with our years of experience and our specialised equipment we are extremely efficient in performing the job. We can achieve a high degree of workmanship and achieve the best results possible for your timber flooring type. For quality workmanship that achieves fantastic, beautiful results for your timber floors call our friendly team.

    What’s more our floor sanding services are dust free!

    We do the prep AND the clean up.

    All you have to do is admire your mirror hardwood floors.

    polished timber flooring hobart

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