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Engineered Timber Floor Installation Hobart

Installation of high quality, durable engineered timber flooring

What is engineered timber flooring?

Engineered wooden flooring is a man made product that is constructed with multiple layers of timber in the backing of the panel, topped with a layer of solid timber called a veneer, to enable the surface to be durable, be able to be sanded and coated as required.

Engineered timber differs from synthetic flooring materials such as laminate flooring and hybrids, as there is solid hardwood in its construction.

How do hardwood floors and engineered timber flooring differ?

Both hardwood floors and engineered timber flooring give the aesthetics of a solid, however where they differ is in their structure.

The cost of engineered timber is less than hardwood flooring as the materials are different: the top layer in engineered timber is solid hardwood but the inner layers beneath are not hardwood, therefore reducing the cost, without compromising the integrity, rigidity and improves the durability due to being able to withstand fluctuations in temperature and moisture without expanding and contracting.

Solid hardwood floors will last longer than engineered timber due to solid timber floors being one solid piece of timber the whole way through as opposed to floating timber floors where the top layer is solid but the internal layers are often ply.

Both hardwood and engineered timber floors can be sanded and polished, however you will be able to do this more times with hardwood floor as engineered timber has a thinner layer of timber on the surface. So if you’re after a super long lasting flooring option that you can sand back and coat multiple times over then you should consider installing timber floors

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    Engineered Timber Flooring Installation

    The most common way to install engineered timber flooring is in the form of floating floors.

    This means that the original, existing floor whether it be cement of timber or whatever the flooring is, becomes the subfloor with the floating floor on top of this.

    As a floating floor, the requirements are that the subfloor needs to be relatively even, and not carpet.
    Due to the nature of there being a gap underneath a floating floor, acoustic underlay is often laid underneath this, this is to reduce the noise form there being a space between the subfloor and the floating floor.

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