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Laminate Floor Installation Hobart

Installation of stunning, high quality laminate flooring

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a type of floating floor. Commonly used for its versatility, affordability and ease of installation and maintenance, it is a very popular flooring option in Australia. 

Installing laminate flooring 

Laminate floors require little floor preparation compared to carpets, timber floor board installation and other types of flooring.

To get the best finish, our experienced flooring contractors will install your laminate as a floating floor with incredible precision because flooring is what our team does all day everyday.

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    Floating laminate flooring

    Laminate flooring is designed to be used as a floating floor, which means that the laminate material is placed on top of an existing floor which becomes a subfloor.

    Laminate flooring has revolutionised the way that renovations and refurbishments occur, for the simple fact of their little floor preparation required. This product is waterproof and water resistant, with a very wide range of aesthetic finishes.

    Timber laminate flooring

    Timber looking laminate flooring is probably the most common of our laminates that our clients use in their homes. A synthetic material that is made to go over an existing floor (the subfloor). The aesthetic resemblance to hardwood timber floors, in a huge variety of shades, patterns and finishes, offers home owners flexibility to be able to suit every style.

    new floorboard installation in modern CBD apartment in Hobart
    renovated home in Hobart with newly installed timber flooring

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