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High Quality Vinyl Installation of Sheets, Planks and Tiles

Loose Lay Vinyl Planks

Perhaps the most popular of our flooring options is Vinyl. Used in commercial and residential settings, high quality vinyl, whether it be in plank, tile or sheet form is water resistant, softer, more durable and come in such a wide range of varieties that you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your property.

Installing vinyl plank flooring

Loose lay vinyl planks refer to thick rectangles of vinyl sheeting that have rubber backings. These rectangles are laid directly onto the subfloor, which needs to be a smooth surface, dust free and sturdy. Loose lay vinyl planks do not require adhesives, fasteners or tongue and groove mechanisms to stay put. The backing effectively grip the subfloor underneath, due to the materials there is no expansion and shrinkage of these planks.

modern kitchen in Hobart with hybrid vinyl floating flooring

Laying vinyl tiles

Similarly to laying vinyl planks, laying vinyl tiles requires a smooth, clean and even surface to be directly placed upon the subfloor.

Typically, vinyl tiles are slightly heavier than planks, the added weight enables better durability and place holding

Loose lay vinyl sheet flooring

Similar to carpet installation, a vinyl sheet is cut to size and shape of the flooring it needs to cover then it is laid on a flat, clean, even surface.

Vinyl wood flooring installation

Vinyl wood flooring is a very popular choice amongst residents in Hobart. Appearing to look like timber but a lot more affordable and versatile, and doesn’t require regular sanding and polishing to maintain it’s great appearance. If a subfloor is painted concrete, that makes adherence difficult, therefore these vinyl flooring options are fantastic for houses with these subfloors.

Vinyl flooring cost

To discuss prices regarding vinyl flooring installation whether it be sheets, planks or tiles, please speak to our flooring consultants.

new apartment with hybrid timber looking flooring
laminate floating floor installed in furnished apartment in Hobart CBD

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